Monday, January 30, 2012

Kristen Takes the "Cheese"cake!

When I bake I usually stick to cakes, but when I saw this in the January/February issue of Food Network Magazine I had to try it! It's a cheesecake that looks like nachos!

 I improvised on some of my ingredients! It asked for black licorice dots, I cut out black fondant circles instead since I always have that on hand!

I cut up swedish fish and mixed it with strawberry jam to look like salsa! The raisinets served the purpose of beans!

I bought some ready to use pie crust dough and cut it into triangles! A little sugar on top looked like salt and Voila!

Here is what the cheesecake looked like before all of the toppings!

And TaDaa! The finished product! Looks pretty cool, huh? You really almost have to do a double take to realize it is not in fact nachos!
I used my cookbook club as guinea pigs for this recipe! The overall reaction was "Adorable!", however when it came to taking a bite I think people were a little hesitant. The orange colored cheesecake and plethora of toppings turned out to be a bit much. I also heard comments that the cheesecake itself was not the absolute best.  All in all, if you are looking for something based on taste alone, you might want to try another recipe! But if you want to try something fun or have kids around this is the perfect treat! Either way I was glad to try something new and I had a blast making it! It definitely serves as an inspiration to my cakes!

If you would like to try the cheesecake nachos, here is the link: