Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The infamous wedding cake topper

I have found that most people either love or hate wedding cake toppers. I think a lot of brides picture an 80's topper that looks like an explosion of lace and beads with a bride and groom hidden in the middle.  Something like this:

I'm here today to change the sentiment on wedding cake toppers. They have come a long way since 1980! There are many different options available today which are fun and unique!

 1. Modern Bride and Groom, still traditional but more up to date
     2. Flowers, sugar or fresh. For some people toppers are just not their cup of tea. Flowers are a beautiful, elegant option as well.  If you like the look of flowers but had your heart set on a topper, another option is to put flowers on top and set the topper on the table next to the cake! Everyone wins!
    3. Monogram or Initial toppers. This is a nice way to bring a personal touch to the cake. Some people like the single letter of the last name, where as others like to incorporate all 3 initials. The order I usally go with is Brides first initial, Last name, Grooms first initial.
    4. Hearts, Lovebirds, Bows, Etc. The wedding topper does not have to be a bride and groom. There are also glass hearts that can be etched with initials or the wedding date. Lovebirds could be a cute topper if you have an outdoorsy theme, or if your nickname for each other is lovebirds! Think outside the box!
    5. Out of the ordinary toppers, Etsy inspired designs. These are not for the traditional bride. For some of these toppers you have to arrange the design of the cake to work with the topper, but the end result is an adorable unforgettable wedding cake! There are also some artists who sell their designs on Etsy that can make toppers to look EXACTLY like you! (These might cost you a small chunk of change, but depending on what you are looking for could be a lot of fun!)
    So as you can see there are all kinds of ideas for wedding cake toppers! Now I know what you are thinking...I thought I had enough to think about already...now you go and add another thing to my to do list?!? Toppers do not have to be a priority for all brides! There are some brides that, dare i say, do not even like cake! Your wedding cake should reflect you and your personality, you can make it as simple or complex as you would like!
    Now while we're on the subject, I will say once or twice I had a bride who brought me their grandmothers topper to use on the cake, although it was still oldfashioned and lace-y I think the sentimental value makes it sweet. However there is one ultimate pet peeve I have when it comes to toppers....taking a gorgeous cake and putting this on top (the all-so-hillarious bride dragging groom to the altar) ! Save it for the groom's cake people! Or set it next to the cake so that it could be removed for a picture!
    Well I hope I gave you some ideas for unique wedding cake toppers and changed the bad rep they were getting. It's your wedding, have fun with it! Make it unique and make it yours! Feel free to check out this website too, they have lots of cute ideas! www.weddingstar.com

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dessert Tables!

Dessert Buffets are one of the newest trends for weddings and other events! Instead of having one big cake, why not have a few different types of desserts? Cakes, cupcakes, whoopie pies and cake pops! The possibilites are endless! Not only does it make for a beautiful tablescape, but it ensures that your guests have a choice of flavors to choose from! If you cannot part from the look of a wedding cake you could put a small 2 or 3 tiered cake in the center and surround it with other treats!

Here are some pictures from a recent dessert party that I had! The ladies left their diets at the door and indulged themselves with some delectable delights! Paired with a delicious champagne punch from the hostest with the mostest, everyone left feeling fat and happy!

Here is the table with all of the delicious goodies!

It helped to have descriptions next to each item, along with a complete dessert menu!
 Since the dessert party fell on Fat Tuesday, I just had to do some
 mardi gras themed cake pops!
 Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake Pops, with a little bling on top!
 The centerpiece of the table! A classic and elegant cake!
 What's a southern get-together without some Red Velvet Cake?! Yum!

So for your next event, whether it be a birthday party, bridal shower or wedding consider doing a dessert table! It's a great way to incorporate different flavors and try something unique! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's what sweet things I've been baking up in the kitchen for Valentine's Day!

I partnered with Penny Martin of Weston Farm Vineyard and Winery to make these delicious baskets!They were a big hit! Thanks to everyone who ordered one, I hope you and your sweethearts enjoyed them!

Everyday I came to deliver cupcakes I was greeted by Suzie  (this is an older picture, but she is on the left). Such a sweet pup!
So at the end of everything, after bringing in all of those cupcakes she wasn't allowed to have, I knew I had to make her a special treat! A "pupcake"! Peanut butter dog treat flavored cupcakes-yum!

I was also busy making cupcakes for a bridal shower and cake pops for my neighbor, who has been so kind as to design my website for me! (p.s. check out my new website, It's super cute! www.takesthecakeva.com)

Strawberries and Champagne Cupcakes: Luscious strawberry cake, with strawberry fruit filling and topped with pink champagne icing!
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes: Decadent chocolate cake, with raspberry fruit filling and covered in chocolate ganache!

Hope everyone has a sweet day! Full of love and cake! xoxo

Friday, February 3, 2012

Just for Fun!

I have an obsession with everything cupcake! Necklaces, notepads, candles, etc! Santa brought me this puzzle for christmas and I finally got around to putting it together! So cute!

I do love a good puzzle, it's like a good book! You can't put it down until you are finished! My only pet peeve would be puzzle dust! Yuck!

Ok I promise my next post will be  actual cake related! Finally! Until then, Happy Friday!